3m easy trap disposable floor mop
A cleaner floor? No problem.

3M™ Easy Trap™ Disposable Floor Mop

Remove debris while you mop and save yourself a step. Collects 3X more dirt, dust and sand than other disposable mop pads.

  • See how 3M Easy Trap Disposable Floor Mop outperforms its competition

    Competitive products merely move dirt and debris around. The 3M™ Easy Trap™ Disposable Floor Mop traps the dirt and debris, leaving your floors cleaner. The easy-to-use combination wet mop and floor duster saves steps and cleans faster than a microfiber or string mop and bucket.

  • remove twice as much dirt and surface stains

    Ideal for small spaces like bathrooms, coffee shops, and patient rooms.

  • convenient use mop pad, just use and discard

    Just use and discard — no need for a mop bucket and no laundering required.

  • remove twice as much dirt and surface stains

    Removes twice as much ground-in dirt and surface stains as a microfiber mop.

  • fast drying floors in half the time

    Floor dries in less time than a floor wet-mopped with a string mop.

See how the disposable floor mop is easier to use than other floor cleaning products
An easy-to-use alternative to a string mop and bucket.

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