Food and Beverage Industry Worker Health & Safety

Food Industry PPE

Food Industry PPE

Spending a little on food industry PPE can add up to big savings later.

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Food Industry Experience and Resources

Stay up-to-date on changing health and safety requirements and recommendations, new research, and where to get hands-on safety knowledge and training.

  • Walking-Working Surfaces.... Complying with the OSHA Rules

    Are falls a concern to you or your workers? Do you regularly inspect walking-working surfaces, correct and guard against hazardous conditions? Are you committed to a safe working environment at your company?

  • Resources to help handle Confined Spaces

    Confined spaces present some of the most challenging environments for any health and safety professional. From potentially toxic atmospheres, to physically hazardous conditions such as extreme temperatures, unstable materials, or the potential for falls, confined spaces often present unseen challenges.

  • Workers in noisy environments may consider using 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation System

    Did you know hearing loss is the second most common illness in the food and beverage industry? But hearing loss is 100% preventable. Learn more about how the 3M EARfit Dual-Ear Validation System may help you with your hearing conservation program.

PPE for Food Industry Environments

Need Food Industry PPE Solutions?

3M can assist with product application and technical data requests, onsite product demonstrations, hazards PPE assessments, and more in those ever-challenging environments of food industry PPE.

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Customer Service

Technical Service

Technical Service

Relevant Food Industry PPE Videos

Trending Food Industry Health and Safety Topics

  • Health Effects in Coffee Processing (PDF, 262.84 KB)

    On September 29, 2015, the CDC published a new report on the health effects of chemicals produced during coffee processing. This Technical Bulletin describes the report in detail, NIOSH recommendations and PPE suggestions.

  • Legal Cannabis Growing Operations (PDF, 289 KB)

    The following, with the exception of the PPE Suggestions section, is a brief summary of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries recommendations and “Health Effects Associated with Indoor Marijuana Growing” by Martyny, Van Dike et al.

Other Food Industry Safety Solutions by 3M

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