3M™ Active Safety

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3M™ Active Safety. Smart. Connected. Personal.

You’ll be amazed at what it can do. Connect to people. Connect to places. Connect to information. Get a big picture glance at a moment’s notice. When workers and their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are connected, you can focus on people, not paper. It’s time for Active Safety that’s more personal.

3M™ Active Safety

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Simple, connected components are designed to get your Active Safety program up and running quickly. Using 3M™ Active Safety, you can now identify trends and spot risks. Reduce paperwork. Be audit ready. Help keep people healthy and safe.

  • RFID tag

    Start with an RFID tag

  • PPE Helmet

    Attach to PPE

  • Computer and phone

    Scan and connect

3M™ Active Safety

Connect to products.

• Quickly access equipment history, usage, location and upcoming events
• Assign PPE and access employee training and fitting information
• Utilize automated analysis to help streamline your process
• Use it with your existing PPE

3M™ Active Safety

Connect to people.

• Access information any time, any place
• Be aware of issues that can help identify potential health and safety concerns
• Document PPE usage to help lower risk more easily
• Keep your workforce up to date on compliance

3M™ Active Safety

Connect to places.

• Cloud-based for simple deployment and access anywhere
• Instantly connect to data across multiple locations
• Intuitive dashboard for easy use

"We have a huge opportunity to use information on time, which improves productivity — making us a leader in the mining industry. With 3M™ Active Safety, workers are really protected."

-Safety Manager, Mining Industry

3M™ Active Safety helps enhance your PPE program.

  • 3M™ Active Safety

    Works with your existing PPE.

  • 3M™ Active Safety

    Create your own on-the-spot paperless safety checklist.

  • 3M™ Active Safety
    Low maintenance

    Cloud-based software updates automatically.

  • 3M™ Active Safety

    Easy access to PPE audits, data and trends.

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