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3M Fall Protection Service & Repair

Get information about professional repair and maintenance of your 3M™ Fall Protection equipment, including the DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands.

Ensure your fall protection gear is up to the task

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Professional maintenance and repair of equipment is a key part of fall protection. Gear that is worn, broken or past recommended maintenance thresholds raises the risk to workers and bystanders. Follow the direction given on this page to ensure your gear is repaired only by qualified professionals.

3M Fall Protection Warranty information

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    Products we service

    3M Fall Protection offers warranty service, repair and maintenance services for all DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brand products sold by 3M (previously Capital Safety). These include:

    • Self-retracting lifelines
    • Rescue devices
    • Confined space equipment

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    Repair options

    You have two repair options: You may send the product back to our factory, or have the work done at a local authorized service center near you.

    Factory Repairs
    1) Contact an Authorized Distributor and obtain a Return Authorization Number and follow their direction for return shipment.
    2) Send your product(s) with the return number clearly visible on outside of the package(s) and document(s). (NOTE: Product(s) received without a Return Authorization Number will be returned to the owner at their expense.)
    3) When work is complete (typically within 3 days), the repaired item will be returned.

    Authorized Service Center Repairs
    1) Find a service location from our network of Authorized Global Repair Centers.
    2) Contact an Authorized Service Center and follow their direction for return shipment.
    3) When work is complete, the repaired item will be returned.

    If you have any questions regarding the return of a product, please contact your Authorized Distributor or contact 3M Fall Protection.

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Find a 3M Fall Protection service center near you

3M Fall Protection has a network of authorized service and repair centers across the country and around the world..


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost?

    For repairs performed at the factory, a flat-fee program is utilized to streamline the process and get the product(s) back in your hands quickly. Contact an Authorized Distributor for program details and pricing. For repairs at one of our Authorized Service Centers, you will typically recieve a work order listing the needed repairs plus estimated costs and timing.

  • How long does a repair take?

    For repairs done at the factory, the typical turnaround time is only three working days for up to 12 units (larger quantities may require additional time). Repair duration at our Authorized Service Centers varies based on staff availability and workload; please contact your local service center for details.