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You’ve earned the uniform. You deserve this gear.

You protect us. We protect you.

  • You have a very stressful job. In the line of duty, you have to be situationally aware and laser focused on the task at hand. That’s why you need protective gear that’s as tough, smart and reliable as you are. Designed with breakthrough technology to make it lighter, easier to use and more comfortable, 3M law enforcement and defense personal protective equipment (PPE) can deliver the level of protection you need with the comfort you deserve. Our technical specialists can help you find the right gear, right now.

Watch the Testimonials for 3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Communications Equipment

  • 3M PELTOR Tactical Equipment
    3M™ PELTOR™ Communications

    “Its changed the way we do business”

    “It is our go-to product that we use on our team”

  • 3M PELTOR Tactical Gear
    3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear

    “It’s the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my face”

  • 3M PELTOR Tactical PPE
    3M™ Ultra Light Weight (ULW) Ballistic Bump Helmet

    “Gives us a degree of longevity on these crisis sites that we just didn’t have”

  • About Armor Corp

    Armor Corp provides training at 3M Sponsored Entry, Cordon, and High-risk Operations (E.C.H.O.) training events. Blending military combat techniques with law enforcement tactics, ECHO training provides each student with operationally-proven tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to prepare them for high-risk situations. ECHO training focuses on the latest TTPs, the proper employment of Law Enforcement-specific gear and personal protective equipment, and mindset -- mental preparation couple to threat response couple with lawful and effective TTPs.


The risk is real.

The threats today’s law enforcement and defense industries personnel face are more dangerous than ever. That’s why you need gear engineered for tomorrow, not yesterday.

  • Large flying debris from an explosion
    Head Threats
    • Ballistic threats from small weapon fire
    • Blunt-force impact from falls, objects and weapons
    • Ballistic fragmentation from explosions
  • A bright, impulse noise blast
    Hearing Threats
    • Sharp impulse noises at close range
    • Sudden impact noise from flash diversionary devices that can temporarily disorient the senses
    • Loud surrounding noises that prevent or interrupt team communication and situational awareness
  • Flying dirt and small debris
    Eye Threats
    • Impact from flying fragments, rocks, sand and dirt
    • Vision impediment and UV exposure caused by the sun and glare
    • Blocked vision due to fogging from heat and humidity

  • Law enforcement responder in tactical gear that highlights 3M technology
    Raising technology to help lower your risk.

D30™ Thrust Pad System

Head protection like no other — the faster the impact, the greater the resistance to the force.

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3M™ Seamless Molding Technology

Precision molding of composite materials with ultra high strength polymeric fibers gives you ballistic protection in a lighter helmet.

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3M™ Pressure Diffusion Technology

Protective eyewear that adapts to the features of your head to stay securely in place.

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3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Earplug

Digital audio technology lets you hear what you need to while protecting you from harmful noises.

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3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating Technology

See more clearly with technology that changes condensation into a thin, transparent film.

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Featured Law Enforcement Resource

  • 3M Law Enforcement & Defense Industry Catalog

    Our full-line 3M Protective Products for Law Enforcement Handbook

    We strive to set the standard for confidence and trust in protective gear by providing rugged and reliable equipment. Today, thousands of our protection solutions are fielded within the Department of Defense and Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and across US State and local agencies.

    Fueled by 3M innovation and technology – our protection solutions are designed to meet the unique protection requirements for law enforcement. Our extensive R&D and “voice of customer” have led to integrated solutions that are comfortable to wear for extended periods and help improve overall mission safety.

    You protect us. We thank you by designing and supplying protective equipment that helps protect you.

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