Video about the 3M Carlton Society members and the challenges they’ve overcome.

About the Carlton Society

3M is, at its heart, a company that applies real-world science to solving real-world problems. Admission to the Carlton Society – which honors the very best among our scientific community – is based on scientific prowess; how that science applies to real life; and a commitment to mentoring. A look at how Carlton Society members have helped solve challenges large and small for more than 50 years.

2015 3M Carlton Society inductees
Tougher than the Baseball Hall of Fame

3M scientists look up to Carlton Society members as examples of what science can do in the world.  Larry Wendling and Patrick Hager were inducted in 2015. 

About Richard P. Carlton

Image of 3M scientist, Richard P. Carlton

In the same year a baseball game was broadcast on U.S. radio for the first time, 3M welcomed Richard Carlton – a man who would later be referred to as an “architect of innovation.” Thanks to Carlton’s sponsorship, 3M created its first Central Research Laboratory in 1937, in part to explore independent, long-range scientific problems beyond the focus of any one business division. Analytical chemists, physicists, biologists – all working together to pursue scientific solutions to life’s challenges.

Featured Carlton Society Members

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  • Ying-Yuh Lu
    Ying-Yuh Lu
    Inducted 2010

    Brings a passion for sustainable development to the lab. Helped develop the plant-based adhesive behind Post-it Greener Notes, the first commercialized 3M product using a “renewable” adhesive.

  • Olester Benson, Jr.
    Olester Benson, Jr.
    Inducted 2006

    For the vision and leadership that led to new optical film and abrasive and retroflective products, along with outstanding generosity in helping others succeed.

  • Luigi Franchi
    Luigi Franchi
    Inducted 1977

    Produced photographic films and photo paper that were more brilliant and longer lasting than any that had been previously available.

  • Patsy Sherman
    Patsy Sherman
    Inducted 1974

    One of the inventors of Scotchgard, 3M’s stain- and water-repellant products. A pioneer among female chemists.

Science at Work

  • Inquisitive, insightful scientists and researchers are essential to innovation at 3M. Our commitment to the search for new ideas means members of the technical community collaborate across geographies and across disciplines, working on exciting technologies that help improve daily life for millions of people around the world.

  • 3M is a global science company that never stops inventing. Using 46 technology platforms, an integrated team of scientists and researchers works with customers and with each other to share technologies and create breakthroughs.