Digitally Printed Traffic Signs

When looking to source finished traffic signs for your agency, you have more than one option for specifying how your regulated signs are produced. Adding the option for digitally printed regulatory and custom signs to your sign specification allows you more flexibility. Here are some advantages provided by a digital print process:

  • a 'welcome to utah' state border sign lit up by reflective film on a digitally printed road sign at night.
    Digitally Printed Traffic Signs Have Many Benefits; Custom Colours, Text, and Graphics

    See how printer technology has evolved to provide agencies with highly customisable and durable signs that are manufactured to meet today's needs.

  • a red 'stop' sign for road traffic being printed from a commercial digital printer.
    Washington DOT Found Success by Establishing a Specification for Digitally Printed Traffic Signs

    The State expanded its sign production capability to include a wide variety of signs from stop signs to overhead signs.

  • split screen with various images of highway road signs being lit up by night with reflective film.
    3M Certified Sign Fabricators Are Trained Through a Rigorous On-Site Process by 3M

    The training process allows 3M Certified Sign Fabricators to use approved fabrication processes and materials to deliver high-quality signs.

Find the Right Digital Traffic Sign Printing Solution

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