• The Success Simplified program helps streamline your prosthodontic procedures and achieve reliable restoration results. Click the button below to learn more about how to streamline your indirect workflow.

icons showing lab interface, material, post & core, preparation, temporization, impression, cementation and maintenance

Simplify lab communication from start to finish

Communicate and collaborate efficiently

  • Clear communication makes a world of difference. The Success Simplified program offers five comprehensive checklists to help the dental lab and dentist exchange critical information every step of the way.

Tools for dentists

  • Lab order form

    The lab order form helps dentists share all necessary information for a high-quality restoration.

  • order form checklist
  • still from Lab Order Form video
  • Esthetic checklist

    The esthetic checklist helps dentists evaluate overall esthetic appearance and share change requests with the lab.

  • Basic esthetic checklist
  • still from Basic Esthetic Checklist video
  • Try-in checklist

    The try-in checklist helps dentists evaluate the basics and share change requests with the lab.

  • Checklist try-in fixed restorations
  • still from Try-in Checklist video

Tools for labs

  • Order income checklist

    The order income checklist helps labs check incoming orders from the dentist and quickly identify and communicate gaps.

  • Order income checklist
  • still from Incoming Lab Orders video
  • Cementation Guide

    The cementation guide helps labs share restoration pretreatment information and cementation recommendations.

  • cementation guide
  • still from Cementation Guide video

We collaborate with dental labs

  • We partner with dental labs to provide added service to their customers, including trainings, tools and more.

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