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Baby Shower at the Office

Baby Shower at the Office

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Just because it's at work doesn't mean it can't be cute! Command™ Party Products have all you need to make any meeting room feel like a party, or a baby shower! This baby shower had several honorees, including both baby boys and girls, so we took an updated spin on the pink/blue color pallet.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Start with putting up the garlands with the Command™ Party Banner Anchors. First wipe the dust from the wall. Then remove the blue liner and press the adhesive strip to the back of the anchor. Next remove the black liner and press anchor firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. Now you are ready to hang your banner. Repeat if you have several garlands - each garland requires two anchors - one for each side.

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  • 2. Now add some baby accessories. The Command™ Party Mini Spring Clips are perfect to display small decorations and accessories like onesies and plush toys. To use, first wipe the dust from the wall where the clips will be hung. Then remove the blue liner from the adhesive strip. And press onto clip. Next remove the black liner and then press clip firmly onto the wall and hold for 30 seconds.

  • step 2


  • 3. Next deck our your ceiling! We have paper lanterns to add color and fill up the space. Wipe dust away from ceiling where hooks will be placed. Remove red liner from strip and place on back of ceiling hook, pressing firmly. Remove black liner and press hook firmly to celing for 30 seconds. Repeat for all your ceiling hooks. Tuck tab into slot and wait 1 hour before use. Repeat for remaining hooks.

  • step 3
  • 4.Now add some balloons! Wipe dust from wall, then removed the blue liner from the adhesive strip and press onto buncher. Inflate balloons and tie a knot at the end. Slide the knot into the clip opening. Remove the black liner and press buncher onto the wall firmly onto the wall for 30 seconds. Repeat to achieve desired look.

  • step 4
  • 5. Get to know your co-worker(s) - we had a few people expecting around the same time. Write up some interesting facts about the honoree and their partner. Print out and put on coordinating scrapbook paper. Mount to the wall using Command™ Party Mounting Strips. Add a photo.

  • step 5
  • 6. What's a party without food? Mini cupcakes always are a hit. We made our own toppers with cake pop sticks and washi tape! Cut washi tape into flags, place cake pop in middle and fold tape over.

  • step 6
  • 7. Definitely not your average office baby shower party.

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